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Raven Star - Netherlands

Raven Star Cosplay is a cosplayer and body positive advocate from the Netherlands and has been cosplaying for multiple years and loves crafting, sewing and has recently picked up 3D printing. She has worked for Guerrilla and stars in the D&D Twitch show: Legends of the Low Lands. Raven will be present at both days of GuildGames with her booth and will host a Body Positivity panel on both days.

Artcore boxed complete

Artcore Cosplay - Germany

Artcore Cosplay, aka Elli, started Cosplay in 2014 and has since made it her profession. Her skills range from sewing, armor making, prop making and wig styling to make up and really everything she needs to do to get done with the next challenge. The passion and excitement as well as her positive attitude are extremely contagious. Most important to her is that everyone finds their own way to do Cosplay. "As long as you're having fun, you're doing it right. It's cosPLAY after all." In her livestreams on Twitch she shows her viewers how she makes her costumes and engages in conversations about crafting and gaming. Elli will be at GuildGames both days with her stand and will judge the competition on the Saturday!

Rei Suzuki boxed complete

Rei Suzuki Cosplay - Brazil / Netherlands

Mariana, also known as Rei Suzuki, is a Brazilian and Dutch cosplayer with a huge passion for videogames, drawing and anime. She got into the cosplay world back in 2005, wearing her first cosplay of Lust, from Fullmetal Alchemist at her first convention and, since then, she has been fully making her own props and costumes. It's been 13 years of cosplay already. She has also participated of a couple of well known competitions, becoming in 2017 the Dutch representative at the Yamato Cosplay Cup International finals in Brazil and, recently, the Dutch representative of the World Cosplay Summit, planned for 2019 in Japan.


Muralu Cosplay

Ever since she was young, Muralu has been passionate about anime, fantasy movies, comics and manga. She discovered cosplay in 2006 and has been cosplaying with passion ever since. She loves all things pretty and glitter, but does not quiver before a shield and a sword to also portray strong characters once in a while, as performing on stage is one of her strong suit. Her dedication to this art form and her craftsmanship and tailoring earned her the chance to represent her small country, Belgium, several times in international competitions, like ECG, Cicaf, C4, ECG, Eurocos and the Yamato Cup. Muralu will be at Guild Games both days with her stand and will judge the competition on the Saturday!

Team Jasinic

Gryphinic & Jaselant: Team Jasinic - Netherlands

Jaselant and Gryphinic have been cosplaying for over ten years and are experienced in all aspects of the hobby. This couple combines their powers for wig styling, crafting, sewing, make-up, photography, modeling, voice overs, acts and hosting workshops. They have worked for Attitude Holland, Logitech and FirstLook. They have won multiple prizes, judged two competitions and now they will organize our cosplay competition! Together they will share a booth for both days at GuildGames where they will display multiple creations and sell prints. They would love to meet you, so don't forget to say hi!

Arcadia Cosplays boxed complete

Arcadia Cosplays - Netherlands

They are MarvelArisen, Popcornpr1nce and p1ndakid; together they are Arcadia cosplays. A fresh cosplay group that started in 2017 and together they will organise the cosplay catwalk at GuildGames. The catwalk will be a nice way to familiarize with the stage and show your cosplay to the audience!


Nozlan boxed complete


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Thomas Palings boxed complete

Thomas Palings

Met een goede dosis ervaring in fotografie en passie voor gaming en cosplay bezoekt Thomas verschillende conventies. Hij gaat zich op GuildGames 2018 met name bezighouden met de cosplay competitie. Zeker de deelnemers daarvan zullen veel met hem te maken krijgen.