Leuk dat je je in wil schrijven voor de GuildGames cosplay competitie!

Vul het formulier hiernaast in, en wij zorgen ervoor dat alles klaar staat zodat jij kan shinen op de mainstage!

Hey! Awesome that you want to join the cosplay competition at Guild Games.  Be sure to read the following rules and fill in the form on the right to participate! See you at GuildGames 2018!



  • The competition will be held at the saturday (15th of December) at GuildGames
  • You must be older than 16 to compete
  • There are no nationality restrictions
  • Stage area is 4 meters x 12 meters plus a catwalk of 4 meters x 2 meters
  • Only solo acts are allowed
  • Act & Audio are not to proceed 120 seconds (two minutes)
  • Your costume has to be at least 70% self made. (You are allowed to use a bought undersuit for your armor or buy pants and alter them, for example. If you are unsure, feel free to send us an email at cosplay@guildgames.nl)
  • Stage props are allowed, as long as they can be set up quickly by one gopher. A billboard of a bush, that just has to be set on the right place of the stage, for example.
  • Your act audio, script and other info has to be send to GuildGames November 30th 23:59, otherwise you will be disqualified.
  • Your cosplay needs to be family friendly. Cosplay needs to cover all private bits. Acts with too much swearing or vulgar contents will be disqualified.
  • Registration for the competition will close 4th of November 23:59. Chosen participants will be announced asap after that.
  • Your Cosplay must be from an Anime, Manga, Game or Cartoon. It may not be a fictional character you created. Fan designs are allowed only when they are made by someone else than the cosplayer.
  • On stage you may not use: Any items that can spill on the stage, like bubbles, glitter, confetti, live fire, dry ice, live steel weapons or other things that could be a danger to yourself or others.
  • Have fun!

*Rules may change slightly or have rules added later on

After you have registered we will ask you to send us the following information when you are accepted:

  • Your mobile phone number so we can contact you at the day of the con, may something happen
  • Work in progress pictures of your costume
  • Your audio, script and description for your act