Meet the jury!

Ofcourse a cosplay contest cannot be held without a good jury! Our jury is a collection of international, prize winning and/or professional cosplayers. Next to being a jury, they will all have a booth at GuildGames so you can meet them in person!

Artcore Cosplay
Artcore Cosplay, aka Elli, started Cosplay in 2014 and has since made it her profession. Her skills range from sewing, armor making, prop making and wig styling to make up and really everything she needs to do to get done with the next challenge. The passion and excitement as well as her positive attitude are extremely contagious. Most important to her is that everyone finds their own way to do Cosplay. "As long as you're having fun, you're doing it right. It's cosPLAY after all."In her livestreams on Twitch she shows her viewers how she makes her costumes and engages in conversations about crafting and gaming. Elli will be at Guild Games both days with her stand and will judge the competition on the Saturday!

Rei Suzuki Cosplay
Mariana, also known as Rei Suzuki, is a Brazilian and Dutch cosplayer with a huge passion for videogames, drawing and anime. She got into the cosplay world back in 2005, wearing her first cosplay of Lust, from Fullmetal Alchemist at her first convention and, since then, she has been fully making her own props and costumes. It's been 13 years of cosplay already. She has also participated of a couple of well known competitions, becoming in 2017 the Dutch representative at the Yamato Cosplay Cup International finals in Brazil and, recently, the Dutch representative of the World Cosplay Summit, planned for 2019 in Japan. Next to judging the competition and having a booth, Mariana will also host a wig styling panel at GuildGames Sunday!

Muralu Cosplay
Ever since she was young, Muralu has been passionate about anime, fantasy movies, comics and manga. She discovered cosplay in 2006 and has been cosplaying with passion ever since. She loves all things pretty and glitter, but does not quiver before a shield and a sword to also portray strong characters once in a while, as performing on stage is one of her strong suit. Her dedication to this art form and her craftsmanship and tailoring earned her the chance to represent her small country, Belgium, several times in international competitions, like ECG, Cicaf, C4, ECG, Eurocos and the Yamato Cup. Muralu will be at Guild Games both days with her stand and will judge the competition on the Saturday!

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Prizes & judging

Ofcourse there are great prizes to be won! In total there will be three categories to win in: Best Act, Best Costume and All Round Winner! Prizes for now include the following, but more will be added soon!

  • Best All Round Winner:
  • Best Costume: 
    • 50€ Coupon from CosplayClues
    • 3D printing workshop worth 250€ by Lay3rs
    • A coupon for printing worth 100€ by Lay3rs
  • Best Act: 
    • 3D printing workshop worth 250€ by Lay3rs
    • A coupon for printing worth 100€ by Lay3rs
    • D&D Player's Handbook and a set of dice worth 45€ by Games & Geeks

Your act & costume will be judged 50/50 on the following points:

  • Your act is understandable for people who are not familiar with your character
  • Audio is understandable and well mixed
  • Usage of the stage
  • Acting and presence
  • Act has a story / is funny
  • Proportions of your costume fit
  • Wig styling
  • Make-Up
  • Material choices
  • The finish of your costume
  • Usage of your reference


Rules & info for participating in the cosplay competition:*

  • The competition will be held at the saturday (8th of September) of GuildGames
  • There are no age restrictions
  • There are no nationality restrictions
  • Stage area is 4 meters x 12 meters plus a catwalk of 4 meters x 2 meters
  • Only solo acts are allowed
  • Act & Audio are not to proceed 120 seconds (two minutes)
  • Your costume has to be at least 70% self made. (You are allowed to use a bought undersuit for your armor or buy pants and alter them, for example. If you are unsure, feel free to send us an email at
  • Stage props are allowed, as long as they can be set up quickly by one gopher. A billboard of a bush, that just has to be set on the right place of the stage, for example.
  • Your act audio, script and other info has to be send to GuildGames August 26th 23:59, otherwise you will be disqualified.
  • Your cosplay needs to be family friendly. Cosplay needs to cover all private bits. Acts with too much swearing or vulgar contents will be disqualified.
  • Registration for the competition will close 22nd of July 23:59. Chosen participants will be announced asap after that.
  • Your Cosplay must be from an Anime, Manga, Game or Cartoon. It may not be a fictional character you created. Fan designs are allowed only when they are made by someone else than the cosplayer.
  • On stage you may not use: Any items that can spill on the stage, like bubbles, glitter, confetti, live fire, dry ice, live steel weapons or other things that could be a danger to yourself or others.
  • Have fun!

*Rules may change slightly or have rules added later on

After you have registered we will ask you to send us the following information when you are accepted:

  • Your mobile phone number so we can contact you at the day of the con, may something happen
  • Work in progress pictures of your costume
  • Your audio, script and description for your act